Fasting Guidelines

Fasting is important for safe anaesthesia. This is to prevent stomach contents from entering your airways causing lung damage while you are unconscious during anaesthesia.

Patients must be fasted prior to their anaesthetic. That means no food, no lollies and no chewing gum for six hours before your procedure.

Clear fluids can be taken until 2 hours before your procedure. These include water, black tea, black coffee, green tea or herbal tea. Clear apple juice and sports drinks are also allowed.

 A suggested regimen for morning or afternoon operations is:-

            A morning operation – no food from midnight, clear fluids till 6.00 am.

            An afternoon operation – no food from 07.30 am, clear fluids till 11.30 am.

If you take regular medications, especially heart and blood pressure medications, you should take these with a small sip of water regardless of fasting.