What is an Anaesthetist?

An anaesthetist is a doctor who has further specialised in anaesthesia after finishing a university medical degree. Your anaesthetist has done many years of training, including extensive training in pain management, resuscitation, intensive/Critical Care as well as other specialist areas such as obstetrics and paediatrics.

Anaesthesia is often regarded as “just going off to sleep”. However the reality is that “going off to sleep” and the medications used to “go off to sleep” have a big impact on the body and organ systems. The surgery itself also causes great stress on the body. In fact, without anaesthesia most operations would not be possible because the body would not be able to cope. It is because of the work of anaesthetists that a lot of modern advances have been possible.

Your anaesthetist is responsible for your safety and care during surgery and the recovery from the operation. The anaesthetist will stay with you for the duration of the operation, making sure that your are anaesthetised and will constantly monitor vital functions such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Another important role is to give pain relief so that when you wake up, you will be comfortable.