When do I meet my Anaesthetist?

You will meet your anaesthetist before your operation to discuss your anaesthetic and to perform a relevant examination. This may occur in our consultation rooms or in the hospital on the day of surgery.

Important information to tell your anaesthetist include

  1. Previous operations and whether there were any problems with anaesthesia.
  2. Any serious complications experienced by family (blood relatives) during anaesthesia.
  3. Abnormal reactions to medications and any allergies.
  4. Medical problems or any recent illnesses. Especially of interest is heart disease and breathing problems.
  5. List any medications that you are taking. Bring all your prescribed medications into hospital.
  6. If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn.
  7. If you have had a Laparoscopic Gastric Band (Lap Band) or other weight loss surgery.
  8. Loose teeth, capped teeth, dentures, veneers or bonding.
  9. Any other concerns.